Currently our Association is called France-Russia-CIS-Ivry-sur-Seine.

Former names:

Before 1993 – Association France – USSR – Committee of Ivry-sur-Seine.

1993 to 2003 – ACPAUS: Association of Friendship and Cooperation with the Peoples of the former Soviet Union.

Our Objectives:

– Raising awareness about France, its language, its culture, its diversity and its unique features in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries.

– Promotion of knowledge, friendship and peace between France and Russia, linguistic and cultural exchange between two countries.

– Promotion of the Russian language that is taught in our Association by a Russian professor Olga Galat.

– The National Association helps coordinate initiatives of each local Association.

– The Association participates in events held in the city of Ivry.

– The Association organizes: tours, exhibitions, trips and cultural conferences, publications, presentations of movies and shows, delegation visits and exchanges.