Felice Castelnau (Secretary)


Felice joined the Association in 2006. She took Russian lessons given by Galina Baschoffer for several years. She participated in shows organized by Galina (extracts from Russian plays) every year in June (in the roles of the Swan Woman in The Tale of Tsar Saltan by Pushkin, Nastyenka in White Nights by Dostoyevsky, Sophia Ivanovna in Dead Souls by Gogol, etc.).

Education: degree in Mathematics, University Paris 6.

She was a teacher for several years before becoming a line manager of the Employment Bureau in 2007.

She comes from a Russian-speaking family. She loves Russian culture that is very open-minded and friendly, and she loves cultural variety of this beautiful country.

She is a permanent member of the jury of the All-Russian Contest of French Language and the Minstrel Festival organized by the Association of Teachers of French (AEFR) presided by Mrs. Jeanna Arutiunova.

She is currently the Secretary of the Association France – Russia – CIS.

Felice-1_avec Maxime_une soirée russe organisée par Galina Baschoffer With Maxime at a Russian reception organized by Galina Baschoffer

From 2011 to 2014, she was also responsible for communications and promotional campaigns of the Association as well as distribution of information and cultural exchanges with Russian associations.

She organized participation of the Association representatives in a variety of new events.

She was responsible for finding new stages for shows given by young Russian theatrical casts invited to Paris.

For example, in 2014 she was in the jury of the Minstrel Festival held in Moscow and she selected 2 theatrical casts that were invited to visit France (it is a common practice for the Association). They were staying with members of the Association and were able to immerse in the French lifestyle.

The two casts gave their performances at the Théâtre de Nesles, 8 rue de Nesles, Paris 6, and at the Espace Renaudie, 30 rue Lopez et Jules Martin, 93300, Aubervilliers, in addition to the regular theater, the Théâtre Aleph, 30 rue Christophe Colomb, 94200, Ivry-sur-Seine.

Thanks to Christiane Vdovenko, the casts were also invited to Blandy les Tours for a culinary reception, in addition to the reception given at the Celebration Hall.

Felice is the mom of the little Maxime, 3.5 years old.

Felice-4With the painter Helen Skolar