Christiane Vdovenko (President)

Education: Christiane studied accounting and physical education. She holds a degree from the Lariboisière Hospital in Paris. She graduated from a State University with a degree of masseur-physiotherapist and then also got degrees of ergotherapist, podiatrist and aesthetician.

Current Employment: She teaches Sports, Health and Physiotherapy at the Department of Medicine of Bobigny. She is a private osteopathy practitioner and manages her own business in Ivry-sur-Seine.

Hobbies: French songs, theater, horse riding, yachting.


Association Membership: “I started learning Russian to be able to read Russian books and poetry and sing Russian songs. Benoît Sabut, the President of the Association, went to St. Petersburg for a diplomatic mission and gradually conveyed me his responsibilities. After being a Vice-President for some time, I was elected the President on March 15, 2014.

I first came to Russia as a physician with the team of French runners called Runners Without Borders. My first meeting with Russian people was a revelation. I discovered the “Russian soul” that encompassed warmth and hospitality, then I discovered the landscapes and the unique architecture and history of this nation that has great traditions, great cuisine, huge love of their homeland and a very high cultural level. During my every visit there, I try to discover more and more of cities, people, history and culture. I truly feel these people’s sister.

Thanks to Benoît Sabut, who was the President of the Association and is now the Honorary President, I got to know the Association of Teachers of French / Russia led by Mrs. Jeanna Arutiunova. Since then I have been participating in seminars and competitions organized by this Association, and I enjoy it a lot!”