Elena Fund

Ma chere Elena

Elena Fund was established in May 2014 in memory of Elena Dmitriyevna Vladimirova by her sons, Vladimir and Dmitry.

Elena Vladimirova (1921-2014) will always live in our hearts. Her work is recognized by a lot of experts from France, Switzerland, Belgium and other countries. Her house was always welcoming and hospitable. Elena generously shared her knowledge and experience with professors, teachers and students, and she devoted her entire life to the French language.

Elena Fund is intended to recognize work of teachers of French who promote the French language in Russia. It supports the activities of the Association of Teachers of French / Russia.

The founders of the Fund annually provide a fellowship in France to a teacher of the French language from Russia who is a member of the Association. Participation in the activities of the Association (seminars, contests and festivals for middle school, high school and college students), implementation and use of technology in teaching French, aspirations to improve one’s knowledge – all these are good reasons for offering members of the Association an opportunity to go to France or one of the Francophone countries. Candidates are selected by the founders of Elena Fund together with the Board of the Association of Teachers of French / Russia.

The first “fellow” of Elena Fund this year was Irina Evguenyevna Gorodetskaya, an Associate Professor of Romance and Germanic languages and intercultural communication of the North-Caucasus Federal University (Stavropol). She was awarded a linguistic fellowship from July 27 to August 09, 2014, in the language school “France Langue” (Bordeaux).





On Saturday, February 15, 2014, Elena Vladimirova (1921 – 2014), Dean of the Association of Teachers of French / Russia, left us. Her demise was and will always be a great loss for the Francophone world.

She regularly visited France, and the importance of her efforts was broadly recognized on many occasions.

She was the author of multiple textbooks of French that are now used in many Russian Universities.