Singing Minstrel-2014 Casts Invited to France

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The Minstrel competition now comes in two forms: theater and singing, and it gets a new name – SINGING MINSTREL. The following two winning casts come to Ivry, led by Mrs. Jeanna Arutiunova:

– Marianne (Stavropol) – singing.
– Sacred Fire (Orechovo-Zuyevo) – theater play.

Marianne – excellent singers, musicians, actors who play live music and musical improvisations in French and Russian.

The actors are: Professor Irina GORODETSKAYA, President of the AEFR Jeanna Aurutiunova, GRIGORYAN Telman, CHICHKOV Nikita, Nartova Anastasia, MAGULAEVA Asia, AVAKYAN Ani, NOVISHIKHINA Maria, ILYINA Anzhela, GRITSISHCHUK Polina.

The plot: in a Parisian bar people drink, read and relax: the actors recite poems, sing, dance under French, Russian, Armenian and American songs, this is what we call Paris, this is what we call a dream.

Sacred Fire – a saga played in ancient costumes and dresses that make you dream of good old times. The actors are: Professor KRYLOVA Ekaterina, excellent director GLUSHAKOVA Liubov, BELOVA Iana, STARYKH Dmitry, NOVIKOVA Liubov, KIRILLOVA Anastasia, CHEREDNICHENKO Anastasia, AGADJANYAN Kristina, KRYLOV Ivan – a singer, a dancer, an actor, a perfect Russian!

The plot: a young man with a tender heart comes to Saint-Petersburg and falls in love with the niece of the house hostess, a poor girl. His ex-girlfriend also came to Saint-Petersburg. He is very rich and well-educated, and all the girls want to marry him as a very good party. But suddenly he gets the news that his father went bankrupt. All the girls disappear, only the poor niece stays with the young man because she loves his character and does not care about wealth; but it turns out the information about the bankruptcy was incorrect, and the father did it on purpose, so he now understands that only the poor niece is sincere. So, the young man is still very rich and happy, and everyone is preparing for the marriage.

– Author: Vladimir Sollogub, composer: Natalia Zouikova, director: Lyubov Gluchakova, translator and actress: Ekaterina Krylova of the Church of the Apostle John the Evangelist of Likino-Dulevo.

In 2014 three great friends of the AEFR – Bruno Baron Renault, Jean-Pierre Lenôtre and Serge Kolesnikoff were in Moscow at the time of the festival, and the three of them attended the festival. They were unanimous: “It’s great, fantastic, excellent! What an enthusiasm! What a passion! What a love for the French language!”


  1. Les tournées des deux groupes ont été très bien organisées ! Grand Merci à Christiane Vdovenko, Présidente de l’Association “France-Russie-Ivry-sur-Seine” et à toute son équipe !!!

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